Update on rollout of Pipelines

Over the past month, we have slowly been automatically enabling pipelines for all projects on CircleCI. To date, about 93% of projects have successfully had pipelines enabled, and we plan to enable the final 7% in the next two weeks.

For users with projects that have not yet been moved over to pipelines, you should not notice any changes when we automatically enable pipelines in the coming weeks. Our engineering team will continue to be available to help resolve any compatibility issues should they arise in an effort to make this change as seamless as possible.

With pipelines enabled, you can take advantage of many of our newest features, including:

  • The new CircleCI UI
  • Access to v2.1 config which provides:
    • Matrix jobs
    • Pipeline parameters
    • Reusable config elements
    • Over 115 preconfigured 3rd party integrations built using orbs
    • Improved config validation error messages
  • V2 API
  • Auto-cancel to abort workflows when new builds are triggered on non-default branches (enabled in Advanced Settings)
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