Not able to switch to new interface (with pipelines)

I’m not able to re-enable the new interface.

A while back I switched to the new interface for my project but certain features were not working yet so I had to switch back to the old interface.

However, now that I want to switch to the new pipelines interface again, there doesn’t seem to be an option or setting to do this. I’ve tried searching for articles and topics on here about how to enable them but there doesn’t seem to be anything for my specific case.

The project uses the 2.1 config version so pipelines are enabled and everything works fine. My colleague, who only recently switched to the new interface, everything works fine as well.

TLDR; how do I re-enable the new interface after I’ve had to switch back to the old interface?

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Did you find a way? I made the same mistake and I am here looking for an answer

Nothing as of yet sadly.

I just did. when I was watching one of the workflow a yellow message appeared suggesting me that I should move to the new look. I clicked and I am back to normall,

I’ve seen that same message but it doesn’t do anything for me.

I have the same problem and found a solution in another thread: How to switch to the new UI?

Quite inconvenient but at least it works.

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Awesome! Can’t believe that worked :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

HI all,

For the future, you can also switch back to the new UI from any Job Detail page. Once on a specific job, you will see a blue banner at the top of the screen to opt back in.

Thanks for giving the new UI another shot! We’ve made a lot of improvements and hope it’s now great for you. Let me know if we fixed the problem that cause you to opt-out.

Kate Catlin
Senior Product Manager, CircleCI

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