How to switch to the new UI?

I have traversed through all the settings but found nothing related to UI switching.

If you select a specific job you should see a blue banner that asks you to opt into the new UI.

If you don’t see this banner, try to go directly to the new UI site.

The URL should look something like this:$ORG/$REPO
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Nope this does not work. Also if you try accessing URL directly, it loads then pops back in Old mode.

Clear Cookies etc, from the start of time = no go.

Guess i’m stuck with old forever. Oh well, all that just to get the Badge Link.

I figured it out. I hope this works for you. Note I have only tested this once as I am not brave enough to test it twice:

  1. go to
    This page should stay in the new UI and not redirect
  2. click “Set Up Project” on a repo that isn’t already building. This can even be a new empty repo.
  3. Click Start Building
  4. Click Add Manually
  5. Click Start Building

That’s it. your account should now be forced back to the new UI mode

If you want to undo the builds for the project you just used, click Project Settings->Stop Building


Thank you, I had the same issue and this helped!

That actually works lol.


If your team wants better feedback between the Old and New GUI – please make it easy for the user to switch between the 2 to compare them. Normally, in my work, the GUI does not get in the way, except when CircleCI change the GUI. Then I figure out the new way of doing things and move on.
If it was convenient to switch GUI, if I try something and cannot do it in one GUI, I am willing to take the time switch GUI to check and report back. I think this will allow you to keep the good features of the Old and the new features.


In fact, it might be a misnomer to call one Old, and the other New. You can always use non judgement words, eg switching between Original Rose and New Rose, since your goal is to get the best of both worlds right?

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