Trying to enable pipelines on a project without success

I’m trying to enable pipelines on a certain project. I can freely move the button to on or off, but pipelines don’t get enabled. The previous behavior I remember was that I could move the button to “on” but not back to off.

Hi @amitz! Welcome to the CircleCI community! We are now enabling pipelines for all projects moving forward with our new UI on it’s way. Can you confirm you are using the version: 2.1 in your configuration in order to run pipelines?


Hi @angelisa ,
Thanks for your response. It actually turned out that the pipeline was enabled correctly, but we couldn’t get to the pipelines page. The reason was that the project name had capital letters in its repo name in github. In the old UI it was listed under the lowercase version of the name and this worked. The new UI appears to be case sensitive, so when clicking the Pipelines link we got a Page Not Found error.

Hi @amitz, that’s great to hear your issue is resolved. The VCS should be lowercase such as github. Thanks for calling that out, I’ll be sure to relay this experience with our teams internally. Happy building!

Not the VCS. The issue is with the repo name.
If the repo is called e.g. myservice, both UIs (old and new) will be have more or less the same

If the repo is called e.g. MyService, the behavior on each UI will be different - the old will work with the name myservice but the new requires exact case, i.e. MyService. However, the links generated by the UI itself don’t take this into account and send you from the old UI to an incorrect URL in the new UI and you receive an error message!