CircleCI 2 -> Project Settings -> Advanced Options -> Enable Pipelines Greyed Out

So I am trying to use some 2.1 features in our CCI 2 Enterprise environment. I know that I need to enable pipelines for the project, however the option is off and “greyed out” (blocked from changing). I have been looking around for a setting in the admin console and the project settings that would stop me from being able to enable pipelines to no avail.

We are running 2.17.2. I feel like I am missing something super simple but need some guidance to figure out what that is.

Hey there, and welcome to Discuss! :slight_smile:

Would you please submit a support ticket so we can investigate in more detail? Especially with Server installations, we have the best chance of helping you quickly & accurately when we can dive in a little deeper.

I did, pipelines are not available on CircleCI server