Multiple "red" colors for failed status

Is the inconsistent red color with the “failed” for workflows a temporary / transitional thing? I noticed it a few months back and assumed that was the case, but I’m still seeing a different red color for the “failed” vs. the actual red used for the other status icons. Is there a plan to make those match again?


Thank you for your post. You are right, the colors for failed are inconsistent at this juncture and it is a transitional thing. Without boring you with the entire methodology, the TLDR is that we are updating our status color palette to be WCAG accessible (4.5:1 color contrast) and using that as a baseline also shifting colors a bit to be more color blind (deuteranopia/deuteranomalous) friendly. What that means if you have fully functional vision is, all colors are going to be darker and that the red and green will have more contrast with one another. We are working through the process of updating throughout the product and expect to have that palette rolled out soon. We will also be testing some additional changes to those badges. If you’re interested in being part of that test, raise a hand here and I’ll add you to the list of testers.

No worries and no need to help test, but thanks for answering this Very Important Question that has been nagging at me :wink:

As long as it’s moving towards eventual consistency, I think we can all agree that accessibility is a Good Thing.