Pipeline status colours

Please revert back the pipeline status colours to their original hue. The new toned-down versions are ugly. An error should always be displayed by a real red not some kind of currant or mahogany red.
I also noticed that the previously light and airy pipeline dashboard interface is getting again crammed.
Please don’t mess up the UI.


Thank you for your feedback, we would like to explain why this change is being implemented.

The color changes have two objectives:

  • To make the text/icons and the badge colors have at least 4.5:1 accessibility contrast ratios
  • Be colorblind-friendly at the same time

The previous colors were not accessible. So, starting with accessible colors, we then went about testing different palettes with colorblind users (most deuteranopia/deuteranomalous).

Getting the 4.5:1 contrast ratios with white text meant using darker colors.

We also tried an iteration with black text on lighter colors which all testers (deuteranopia, low contrast vision, and no known vision deficits) found harder to read.

We hope that this explanation is ok as to why we are making these changes.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver