ANSI colours are not supported in the New UI (2020)

The New UI which I had to opt-in recently is no longer showing colourised ANSI output. This is not an issue with the project or test configuration as it works perfectly well in the old UI which is due to be decommissioned soon.

Is a fix or a workaround on the cards for this?

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Yes indeed, card is in Next Up to fix ANSI coloring in output. We’ve pushed the April 15th deprecation date back as well, so you won’t be forced over until this is fixed. Thanks for the specific feedback!

Any update? @Kate_Catlin Thanks.

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Hi @Jackclarify, this issue should be resolved! ANSI output is now working in STDOUT (unless your output is over 400,000 characters in which case we can’t load it). Let me know if it’s not working for you.