Marketing/tracking cookies revisited

I recently came across an old post why a bunch of ad trackers (currently googleads, quora, doubleclick etc) are loaded on pages such as pipelines, build statuses etc. (I not allowed to include links apparently - it’s the top google hit for me for “circleci response blog post analytics”

The post mentions that “We are actively working on segmenting the tracking footprint of our web application from the outer marketing site.” That was 6 years ago (october 2017) and as far as I can tell nothing has changed - i still get quora, facbook events, google ads, bing etc. tracking loading on internal pages.

Is this really being taken seriously at circleci?

When you accessed what choices did you make for the cookie options?

If you selected “Allow all cookies” you can expect to see a lot of things being enabled while selecting “Customize Setting” will have given you the ability to choose.

As for what has changed over the last 6+ years you can now find all the current policy details here

If you need to reset your original choice you will need to delete the local cookies in your browser so that you are asked to make a new choice. One thing to note is that you will be asked to re-login if the cookies are deleted, so make sure you have your user ID and password available for the forums and main site.