CircleCI privacy


As a customer of circle CI, I do not appreciate being tracked by facebook widgets and other nonsense.

The site currently loads content from:

I really think you should respect the privacy of your users and cut down on this, at least facebook.


We’re a growing company, learning how to match the needs of Marketing (are our advertising dollars worth it?) with our general sense of development. We’ve discussed this internally and are going to take steps to reduce the number of trackers that are loaded for current users.

I think tracking will continue to be important as generally a business needs to measure where its dollars should go (e.g., does investing customer dollars into sponsoring content/buying ads make sense?) but we plan to review the number of trackers and to use them more strategically (e.g., if the trackers goal is to determine if an advertising dollar led to a signup, we shouldn’t have them load post-signup).

It is my personal opinion that the marketing trackers are inevitable and customer complaints tend to lead to obfuscation rather than removal. If you take that as a given, I’d prefer to know what trackers are being used such that I can locally use an ad-blocker effectively when I deem appropriate. That being said, I have a similar concern as you - but my issue with the trackers is much more that I think they can easily introduce processes that slow websites down. So while I have different motivations, I agree with your request that we cut down on this. :slight_smile: