Workflows do not work when an adblocker is active

While trying to rebuild some containers of one of my company’s workflows, I cannot not access an individual workflow page from the list of workflows.

The page doesn’t fully load and I cannot rebuild anything.

I’ve opened the console, and lo-and-behold, there are many console logs, errors and warnings. And they all point towards some of the (30 in all!!!) trackers on the application page.

I tested deactivating my adblocker in an incognito window in a fresh session with adblocker turned off, and the page miraculously started to work.

I have not changed anything during my morning, and everything was definitely working fine yesterday and early this morning, so I believe something has been released which now prevents your application code from running when some trackers are blocked.

I don’t mind per-se the fact that you track usage of your app, but that it doesn’t work because one of your customer (my company is on a paid plan) doesn’t want those thirty (30!!) trackers from interfering with their data is not exactly great.

Are you guys aware of any issue around this? Is that something that’s preparing the way for the new pricing model etc?
Surely on paid plans, those trackers shouldn’t be there?
At least, the app should work without them, and if you really intend on your customers having them enabled, then perhaps some friendly message rather than an app not working would be better?

Enterprise-scale web applications nearly always use usage tracking JavaScript. I would expect in this case that it is not for selling your data or to prepare for an advert-driven pricing model; it is merely deep analytics that allows Circle product managers to make data-driven decisions.

I run NoScript in Firefox, and I accept that sometimes it will interfere with page operation. For what it is worth, I don’t seem to have allowed and I don’t get the errors you do. My Workflows screen seems to be working OK (on the free tier anyway).

Please read this response from our security engineer. He answered a very similar concern from a few months ago. CircleCI Response to Kevin Burke’s Blog Post About Third-Party Services