Make SSH Timeout Configurable 2

This is my way of reopening this ticket: Make SSH timeout configurable. By the way, why are tickets closed without closing messages? That’s kind of annoying.

Currently, I’m guessing there’s no way to configure SSH timeouts at the moment. From what I can tell in the logs, they last 2 hours if they were accessed and only 10 minutes if you’re not ssh’d into the container. It would be great if we could configure that part.

It’s a feature of the forum, I suspect a default setting. If you read elsewhere in the forum you’ll discover that other readers have given feedback on that, and the forum admins have changed the setting (which will apply to new posts rather than automatically opening old ones).

You could raise a custom flag on the other thread, and ask an admin to reopen it.

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Also, feature requests now live in our Ideas Portal

I’ll check in a bit if it’s there already, working though vacation backlog :slight_smile:

Hi David,

I’ve moved the feature request here

Please vote to express interest and track updates, as well as comment to add any details regarding your use case for our product team.

Thanks for the responses. Been loving CircleCI so far!

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