Circle API 504 gateway timeout

I’m seeing pretty predictable (like 70% of the time) gateway timeouts from multiple machines/networks/continents when hitting

The code which is automating the Circle registration is available at and the request is specifically asking for the followed projects ( i.e. I’m hitting the following end point:

GET: /projects
List of all the projects you’re following on CircleCI, with build information organized by branch.

Is there something wrong with the API, or is this an isolated incident? If the latter, I suspect it is down to the fact that I have quite a large number of repos registered on Circle. Is somebody at Circle able to confirm that?


Hi, this should be fixed now. Let us know if you’re still getting timeouts.

Thanks Tom,

So that I can get a better grip of the problem should it re-occur, was there a server failure, or was it an API implementation issue?

Thanks for such a quick fix!


There was a wider issue on our backend that was causing multiple timeouts to a range of services. I’m afraid I don’t have any more detail than that. But it shouldn’t be a recurring issue.