Pipeline triggering endpoint takes over 30 seconds to respond

When triggering a pipeline, the endpoint can sometimes take over 30 seconds to respond.

Are there any known performance enhancements coming to this? AWS API Gateway has a max timeout of 29 seconds, which is going to prevent the use of AWS Lambda functions be used as a proxy for triggering CircleCI Pipeline.

To be clear, you are using the v2 API or the 1.1 API? Is the config on this project very large? What you’re describing isn’t common, so I’m wondering if there’s something Interesting about your project.

I am using the v2 api.

The file contains 226 lines, 7244 characters and is roughly 7.08KB in size. Not sure which metric is most applicable for that question. When compared to other projects we have, this one is very small.

Below is the endpoint I am using with project info removed

POST https://circleci.com/api/v2/project/github/OWNER/REPO/pipeline