While trying to configure circle, I’ve run in to the following error, which I do not believe is part of my code base:

for g in growl_notify autotest-fsevent rb-appscript rb-fsevent; do
sed -i.bak "/gem ['\"]$g['\"].*, *$/ N; s/\n *//g; /gem ['\"]$g['\"]/ d" Gemfile
done returned exit code 127

/home/ubuntu/.rvm/scripts/functions/rvmrc_project: line 305: LD_PRELOAD: parameter null or not set

Currently running ruby 2.1.5p273/ rails 4.1.8. Locally, all my tests pass, and I’m just trying to configure circle so that we can possibly switch over to using it company wide. Not entirely sure how to resolve this.

I should also mention that this happens in the dependencies section, under the heading ‘blacklist problematic gems.’

Resolved by removing LD_PRELOAD from my configs so that circle could set it.