Jump-to-failed-step ends up hiding parsed test results

When opening a job page containing a failed step, the UI now jumps immediately to the bottom of this output.

Most of the time, this is quite useful - however in many of our jobs we’ve configured the test-results step to send XML output which is much easier to read.

The auto-scroll behaviour means that the test results table isn’t visible on-screen.

Is there a way the parsed test results could be prioritised over the failed steps when auto-scrolling?

@glenjamin i want to make sure i’m following, by “parsed test results”, do you mean the “tests” tab? or is there a step in the “steps” tab that you want prioritized (or somewhere within a step in the “steps” tab)?

I do mean the tests tab, yeah

aha yes, we actually used to have behavior that redirected to the “Tests” tab when there was a test failure. We got rid of it in April, 2023 because we didn’t get a lot of positive feedback and it was causing some issues for users: Remove Context Switch To Test Tab In Job UI On Test Failure | Feature Requests | CircleCI Ideas

Happy to reconsider it though

I don’t necessarily think it needs to automatically open the tests tab - but I do think it shouldn’t be harder to get there because of the scrolling to the failed step.

Some sort of sticky header for the tabs could work, perhaps?

It would be neat if the step with failed tests knew to offer me a link to the tests tab, but I appreciate that “store test results” is a distinct step that doesn’t necessarily know which step produced the XML

Got it, good ideas. I’ll take it back to the team to see what we might be able to do