New job view doesn't show test summary?

Using this job as a reference:

The old view showed a test summary at the top when there were failing tests. The new view makes you click through to the “Tests” tab to see the same information, and does not make it clear that there is interesting information in the “Tests” tab.

I think this is a regression—if there are failing tests on a job, I think they should be the first thing I see when I click through to the job from GitHub. Are there plans to add a “Test Summary” box similar to the one shown on the old job page?

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for voicing this! We’ve gotten some similar feedback along this journey and are planning to resurface that information up at the top of the page in some form. The exact design is TBD though.

I’d like to understand the process and mindset you’re coming from and which design might aid you most.

If you’re open to a user session with us, please book some time here!

This is a 1-hour recorded video call in which we’ll preview our new UI designs to you and assess whether we’ve solved your problems. We’re happy to share a $50 gift card as a token of our gratitude if you participate.

Thank you in advance, hope to learn from you,

Kate Catlin
Product Manager, Developer Experience @ CircleCI