Uninformative test results in new UI

In the new UI tests tab displays a huge “GOOD JOB” circle, please consider keeping it more informative with full test summary results like it was in the old UI. It seems such a waste to dedicate pretty much half the screen to the tab that shows 7 words :frowning:


Thanks @aethelz we’ve got a card in Next Up to show how many tests ran total if they all passed.
Is that specifically what you’re looking for or is it the slowest test?

Thank you!
Yes, total tests and test frameworks used, just like in the old UI.
(For example Your job ran 10 tests in cypress, jest)
Slowest test info is not very useful (for me at least)

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I also would like to see improvements in the test results pane. I also don’t have a use for which test ran the slowest but a list/table of all tests ran (even when failures occur). This information allows us to quickly determine which test suite was run.


Hey @aethelz this should now be fixed for you, it shows how many tests ran and the test framework.

@vivalldi unfortunately we don’t have capacity to prioritize showing a list of all the tests that ran right now (that was also not available on the old UI), but it’s an interesting idea. Thanks for voicing. Hopefully the overall test numbers gets you 80% of the way there.


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