Jobs are not triggered when I push to github


I have recently joined an organisation which uses Github integrated with CircleCI

I opened a pull request on GIthub pushing to a new branch but the CircleCI jobs are not running and the branch is not visible in the project.

I can see the project and other peoples branches in CircleCI but when I push to a new branch it does not appear and the jobs are not running.

My colleague pushed to my branch and the branch appeared and the jobs ran.

We have tried with different branch names too.

The problem seems to appear only when I push.

Could this be a permission issue?

Hello @kamiranoff - Welcome to our CircleCI Community!

This does indeed sound like a permissions issue. The requirements to trigger builds upon a push/commit is a user must be a member of the VCS organization, (GitHub in this case) and have write permissions to the repository, itself.

If you have confirmed the two requirements above are true, this could be a case of stale cache for your username in the org. You could try refreshing your permissions by navigating to > Account Integrations, and clicking on “Refresh Permissions”

If you are still unable to trigger a build after this, please do submit a Support Ticket here, mention this Discuss Post and I can investigate this further! Thanks!