IP ranges Open Preview

We’re excited to announce that our IP ranges feature is now in an open preview! IP ranges allows customers to meet their security and compliance requirements by enabling jobs to go through a set of well-defined IP address ranges that are verifiably associated with the CircleCI service.

Open Preview Availability

The IP ranges preview is available to all cloud customers on a paid pricing plan. Pricing will be calculated based on network data usage of jobs that have opted in to using the IP ranges feature. There is no charge while the feature is in preview. Pricing details will be shared soon and will take effect when the feature is generally available. The feature is currently exclusively available for Docker jobs, not including remote_docker.

Enabling IP ranges

The IP ranges feature is enabled on a per-job basis using a specific config flag. For more information on getting started, see the IP ranges documentation page.


We’re very interested in hearing your feedback! Feel free to send feedback for specific requests during the preview in the new “IP Ranges (open preview)” category on our cloud Canny board or ask questions in this Discuss topic.