Introducing circleci-cli, a pure bash interface to CircleCI (View projects, view builds, view artifacts, cancel, retry, trigger parameterized builds, easy OS X notifications, browse to CircleCI pages via the command line, etc)


A simple, yet extremely flexible command line interface for CircleCI. Deep integration with jq allows for the ability to perform complex declarative/higher-order operations on responses, helping you perform complex piping/compositional operations with relative ease


Already up to v0.4.0, which, among many other nice-to-haves, includes dead simple notify command that can automatically detect your current GitHub-based git project and latest build number. So, just execute circleci notify inside your repo and get beautiful OS X notifications! Handy for long running builds.


Wow, this is awesome :slight_smile:

cc @ndintenfass


v0.5.0 released with the ability to trigger new builds with custom build parameters and revision target via simple options:


Thank you for this!

I just stumbled across another CircleCI CLI (this one in Ruby):

Posting here for anyone who is looking to compare options / features.


+1 for ruby. re rocky: too much code to all in shell script… way too much