Command Line (CLI) tools for CircleCI


CLI tools that we know about for CircleCI:

Interesting Go tool from Shyp that watches a build in your terminal and displays a link to CircleCI when it’s done:

Do let us know if you know of any more or if you make one. Many thanks to the authors of these tools for their hard work.

In the future we will be developing a more comprehensive API. This will allow these tools to be improved and become more powerful.



circleci-helpers (Python) has a useful tool called ‘circle-matrix’:

circle-matrix is a helper which can be used to create one-dimensional environment matrices using travis like syntax.


Speaking of matrix, I believe this one never got added to the list


Not a CLI tool, but adding here since it seems as good a place as any:

Ruby wrapper for CircleCI API:


Added a link to this in the first post: