Integration with CIrcleCI using REST API

Hi Guys,

I have the following question: I am trying to download the latest artifacts using API method
curl -X GET< username >/< project >/latest/artifacts?circle-token=< token >&branch=master&filter=completed

But the response is empty [ ], and I see that it was split into two different responses.

I’ve started the command but response was getting when the command finished.
autotest-MacBook-Pro: autotest$ curl -X GET< username >/< project >/latest/artifacts?circle-token=< token >&branch=master&filter=completed
[1] 23873
[2] 23874
[2]+ Done branch=master
autotest-MacBook-Pro: autotest$ [ { correct response here } ]

I used the CircleCI API earlier and hadn’t faced with this issue.
Probably something was changed in API and I should add something here to get the result in the first response?


Hmm. Per that’s correct. Let me run some tests to see if I can reproduce.

Are you using a project token, or a user token?

Edit: I can’t reproduce this: (token not needed since it’s a public project)

Confirmed that accessing a private project with the wrong token return Project not found, not empty.

I use the user token for it.

Silly question then, are you sure the master branch’s latest job has artifacts? If you are using a workflow it may be that one of the jobs in the workflow has the artifacts, but not the latest one.

I see the not empty response in the second part of the output but when I run it in terminal I see that the curl command finished with output
[1] 23873
[2] 23874
[2]+ Done branch=master

and over time I get the valid response in the terminal
It seems as the request was performed in another thread or it was redirected

I see the same issue with Postman and HttpClient java. It returns the code=200 and response=[ ]

Very strange. Sent you a DM.

Regenerating the API token resolved this.

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