API Token needed to fetch artifacts?


We’re running into an issue where an API token is required to fetch CircleCI artifacts. That did not use to be the case.

This seems to have happened before, but that topic was closed and now we’re running into it. So I’m creating a new topic. Is this a temporary regression as it was marked in that topic?

Also, in that topic, there is this comment:

The only projects affected were ones that have enabled a specific setting that allows unauthenticated access to artifacts

Can you elaborate on what/where that setting is?

If needed, I can post the CircleCI artifacts url we’re having trouble with; let me know.

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Update: this seems to have resolved itself.

It would be good to know what happened, if possible. As linked to in my first message, it happened before for somebody else. And it happened to us once before, which we didn’t report, as it also resolved itself – more quickly in that case than this time.

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It started happening again; a token is once again needed.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Facing the exact same issue. Also had the same experience (e.g. it stopped working, then worked again, now it seems to be “broken” again).

Is it expected to stay like this, e.g. the token is required for the download of artifacts?