Can get latest artifacts from all branches in pipeline in v1.1 but not sure how to v2 api?

FIRST, every branch in our workflow submitted is always submit_xxxx which is merged into master. Our master branch is ALWAYS working because it’s locked down so only circleCI can push to origin/master. This means, no query params of branch=xxxx for downloading artifacts because we don’t know the branch.

This means our artifacts in circleCI are in submit_dean/somebranch1 and submit_matt/somebranch2, etc. etc. We ONLY want the latest artifacts each time so we use v1.1 api to do this


This works great. Is there no way to do this in v2?

We read this

BUT it only has download with version number. This works in V2

curl -X GET “$CIRCLE_TOKEN2” -H ‘Accept: application/json’

but this does not

curl -X GET “$CIRCLE_TOKEN2” -H ‘Accept: application/json’

Any updates from the CircleCI team on this issue?

It’s why I keep using the v1.1 API, as I need the ability to query latest/artifacts?branch=master&filter=successful.

I’m also waiting for this feature in API v2.