Curl$CIRCLE_TOKEN2 not returning anything?

I am receiving 400 Bad Request on the url above. Ironically, I get bad request whether my token is bad or not. I don’t even get a 403…how is that possible? Seems like a totally broken experience. I don’t see a header for an error reason like some apis have either like google’s.

Any ideas?

I also tried this but just get 404…


I finally got v1.1 to work but v2 still doesn’t work for some reason!!! In v1.1, the username is NOT your github username even though that seems to be my circleCI login…go figure. Instead, this worked

curl -i “$CIRCLE_TOKEN2

Why is OrderlyHealth my username? I have no idea as that is the github org. Then in v2, there is no place in the url to set that username so I have no idea why the v2 api is not working.

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