Insights data: is there any way to see data on slow tests?

The old Insights dashboard had a nice breakdown of what tests were running the slowest in our workflows.

Looking at the new Insights Dashboard, and referencing comments here:

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get this information anymore. I’ve tested querying the Insights API endpoints, and the data there is very basic, i.e. no test summary data included.

I could use the v1 API, query a timeframe of workflows, and probably extract/compile the data there. That would require me building a Python script that runs a barrage of API calls to get the data I need.

Am I missing anything? Is there currently a simpler way?

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Hi, Dale! Let me check in with the team for more details on this.

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Hi Dale! Test Insights are currently unavailable in the new dashboard and our v2 APIs. We understand how valuable test data is to our users, and the team is actively working on supporting the feature. You can follow along on progress on our Canny dashboard, and I will also follow here once we rollout.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or feedback.


HI Dale,
I have a similar issue, and I have decided to do my own test speed dashboard.

I have built an internal one for the client I am currently working for and this stores the data in a mongo db, in the cloud.
And I was actually considering making an open one for everyone to use.


Andreas Markussen