Announcing Test Insights!

Have you visited your Insights dashboard recently? Test insights is now generally available to all customers, which means more data for you to pinpoint, diagnose, and resolve issues in your code. Test Insights provides a high-level overview of test performance, and aggregates your slowest, most-failed – and now (drumroll please) your flakiest tests into a single view.

As part of this release, users now have access to:

  • Flaky test detection: Look for the “Flaky” label next to test names to see which tests pass and fail indeterminately.

  • More data: Test Insights now supports an expanded lookback window of the most recent 100 workflow executions, and provides the ability to test performance across your development branches.

  • Performance summary: A quick snapshot of test suite performance and learnings.

Check out our blog to learn more about the latest release, or visit the Insights documentation for details about how to use the dashboard and API.

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