Insight API response - workflow ID missing, project id

The response to the Summary Metrics to a project’s workflows (CircleCI API) has the workflow name but not the workflow ID. It would help if the workflow ID was present.

Additionally there is a project_id field in the response - where can I find this? For instance, this is not present in the Get Project API response.


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Hi @sanimesa!

  • A workflow-id uniquely identifies a “workflow execution” but not a “workflow”. A “workflow” will usually have many “workflow executions”, each having a different workflow-id .
  • The insights API’s response consists of summary metrics, for a given “workflow”, across many “workflow executions”. Therefore each metric received from this API corresponds to an aggregate of many workflow-id -level data.
  • A workflow-name and project-id together uniquely identify a “workflow” (*** there are edge cases where this may not be true)
  • There is a 1-to-1 correspondence between a project-name and a project-id . The project-id is guaranteed to be unique. I’m not sure if ‘project-name’ is guaranteed to be unique, but I think they should be.

Does this help? What can we improve to make this more clear?