Question about the Job API v2

Once I’ve retrieved the job id from the Insights Recent Runs of a workflow job.

How do I get the details of that job? The id given from that endpoint doesn’t correlate with job-number on the Get job details endpoint.

Hi @mattiejean – welcome to Discuss!

The ID that is returned from the “Get recent runs of a workflow job” is the workflow ID and does not correlate to a specific job but more of a collection of jobs that ran in that workflow.

With that in mind I actually think the following endpoint would be more in line with what you are looking for:

This would be able to be utilized with the get job details endpoint – you would use the value in the build_num attribute. So as an example:


Would give you a response like:

  "vcs_revision" : "123",
  "workflows" : {
    "job_name" : "deploy",
    "job_id" : "<job_id>",
    "workflow_id" : "<workflow_id>", # This is actually that ID that is returned from the insights endpoint you referenced
    "workspace_id" : "<workspace_id>",
    "upstream_job_ids" : [ "1", "2" ],
    "upstream_concurrency_map" : { },
    "workflow_name" : "build-test-and-deploy"
  "vcs_tag" : null,
  "build_num" : 37,

Then that 37 would be the job number you pass into the get job details endpoint, like:


Hopefully that helps!

thank you! that’s helpful.

The final end result I am hoping to achieve is a listing of failed job runs for a given job name. For example, the job name is “functional-tests-master” and I want to get a listing for all the times its failed and then have links to the details.

It looks like I could do that by programmatically filtering the “recent builds for a single project” endpoint you pointed me to. I was hoping that there was a more direct route, however.

You’re welcome, glad it was helpful, and thanks for the further details.

What you are looking for isn’t something we have a direct endpoint for, but I do believe you could use the recent builds endpoint to accomplish it, something like:

curl -s "<org_name>/<project_name>?circle-token=<token>&limit=100" | jq -r '.[] | select (.status? == "failed") | select (.workflows.job_name == "functional-tests-master") | {build_url, build_num, status, workflows}'

Should get you something like:

  "build_url": "<org_name>/<project>/54",
  "build_num": 54,
  "status": "failed",
  "workflows": {
    "job_name": "functional-tests-master",
    "job_id": "<job_id>",
    "workflow_id": "<workflow_id>",
    "workspace_id": "<workspace_id>",
    "upstream_job_ids": [],
    "upstream_concurrency_map": {},
    "workflow_name": "build-test-deploy"

that’s great! thanks for your help!

You’re welcome, happy to help!