Inside a Config File: Dynamic Configuration

Inside a Config File

Dynamic Configuration

Why Dynamic Config

Dynamic configuration is an easy way to not have to run a full pipeline when it’s not needed, saving credits and time. Most projects can benefit from dynamic config but monolith projects especially benefit.

Starting Out

Dynamic config has a wide variety of uses but essentially boils down to creating pipeline parameters in a setup workflow, then running workflows based off those parameters.

To start using dynamic config, CircleCI has an orb that creates parameters based on the paths in the repo where changes have been made. With a little bit of setup you can use the path filtering orb to not have to run your full workflow.

Advanced Use

Review the pipeline and figure out what parameters could be created and used to trigger conditional workflows and jobs. Create a setup config that generates those parameters then uses the continuation orb to pass them to a downstream workflow.

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📑 Table of Contents

Self Service Configuration Review Overview

  1. Configuration Review Preparation
  2. Review Each Job for Improvement Opportunities
  3. Review Each Workflow for Improvement Opportunities
  4. High Level Improvement Opportunities
  5. Finalize Review