Snapshot Project Metrics

Configuration Review Preparation

Snapshot Project Metrics

1) Gather Project Metrics

The UI can be used to gather metrics, but when doing multiple config reviews it is helpful to write a script that uses the CircleCI API. There are many Insights endpoints available to choose from, but a good place to start is the project summary endpoint which provides metrics down to the branch level for workflows in the project.

2) Separate Out Significant Branches

Metrics for all branches can be useful but for certain metrics, like success rate or mean time to recovery, it is helpful to separate out important branches. Branches such as main, staging, qa, etc have different expectations so metric goals will be different as well. The project summary endpoint can be filtered to show specific branches.

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Overview: Self Service Configuration Review Overview

  1. Configuration Review Preparation
  2. Review Each Job for Improvement Opportunities
  3. Review Each Workflow for Improvement Opportunities
  4. High Level Improvement Opportunities
  5. Finalize Review

The following endpoint is a great alternative or addition when gathering metrics for a config review. The all-branches and branch parameters are helpful for separating metrics from different environments. The following endpoint includes many more metrics than the endpoint in the post, but lacks the trend data.