How to show only most recent run of each pipeline in dashboard?

Hi all,

Is there a way to create a dashboard view/filtering that only shows the most recent run for each pipeline ? Or are there any other tools out there that would use the API to create such a view ?

I’m looking for a quick overview on how all the pipelines are going, i.e. are they currently “red” or “green” - without their history.

P.S.: apologies if this is posted in the wrong category, where do I post questions on the application ?

There is not a way to create a view on the Dashboard the way that you’re wanting. In order to do this, you would likely need to use something like the Datadog integration or Backstage

Alternatively you could utilise our Insights API to do this yourself.

Thanks very much @jerdog . I’m thinking that all it would need is an extra “most recent” option to the drop-down list for the time windows. Would it be worthwhile raising a feature request ?

Absolutely! Submit something via and link back to this discussion!

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