Is it possible to hide jobs / workflows in the dashboard?

I am using CircleCI to sense check production with a cron job running every 10 minutes.

This subsequently clogs up my dashboard with many tests. Is there a way to set these to hidden or filtered? Or is there another approach to solve what I want to do.


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Hi Andrew!

Thank you for reaching out!

At this time there is not a way to remove or filter out branches from the pipeline view. We actually do have an open feature request that is similar to what you’re requesting that can be found here: Ability to "Hide" old branches from UI | Cloud Feature Requests | CircleCI Ideas

I encourage you to check this out, add an upvote, and a comment with some clarification around how you would like to see this feature work.

In the meantime, the best way to remove the clutter would be to have this cron job run on its own branch and then view individual branches rather than all branches at the same time. While this may limit some visibility, it should also provide clarity on the branches you need.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to let us know if you have additional questions!

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I don’t think this answers ianandrewjamieson’s question – I have the same issue, and it has nothing to do with branches.

When I look at the pipelines page for my master branch, it is 95% workflows launched by cron triggers.

I want to be able to filter the pipelines view so that I can see only the pipelines on my master branch that were not launched by a schedule trigger.