How to remove build status from a commit?


I accidentally runned a build test for my bitbucket repository. But it was just a test, I don’t want the failed build status attached to the commit. Is this possible? I couldn’t find anything through the UI neither the API. I have already tried removing the integration from bitbucket too…




So there’s 2 possible solutions for this problem, that I can think of.

First, you can rebuild the commit on CircleCI and get it to pass. Making it pass is up to you, either fix the original problem or make sure the build returns an exit status of 0. You can use the “rebuild” UI feature, or manually queue the build for the given commit/revision using our build API.

Alternatively, you can use your repository host’s API to update the build status manually. After a quick google search I found these two useful results for Bitbucket:

Hope that helps!

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