How to ignore pushes to default (master) branch

We want to avoid triggering any action on our default/master branch.

We only build branch and tags. So I have no jobs/workflows defined for master branch but CircleCI still creates a ‘No Workflow’ everytime we push to master branch.

I’ve tried using [skip ci] and creating a dummy ‘do-nothing’ job for pushes to master branch but this is an ugly work-around. You can see them as the top two builds in the attached image. I also don’t want to change our default branch from master as there are various Github dependencies on this.

How can I hide/ignore master branch?

If you go to the Project’s ‘Advance Settings’, ‘Advanced’ you may find settings that help (or you may not), I do not know what you will find as I use Bitbucket.

For Bitbucket the circleci documentation talks about making changes to the webhook configuration so that Bitbucket restricts the events that trigger a build. I do not know what can be done with the other repo platforms.

As you are finding circleci basically reports on every event that causes a job to start, with ‘no workflow’ indicating that after the config.yml file has been processed no work was started.

Thank you for the reply but nothing in the Project’s “Advance Setting” has solved this issue.

Looking at webhooks in github there don’t seem to be an option to prevent sending a webhook just for a specific branch