Avoiding triggering builds when pushing from CircleCI

I have a situation where I do the following in my beta branch - I do all my normal pipeline but at the end I have a distribution step that does a npm version and publishes a beta version of my module.

It then pushes back to the CIRCLE_BRANCH on the origin to create the tag and update the package.json file for the project with the correct beta tag. I want to also roll this out to my master branch so that it automatically publishes my modules.

However whenever I trigger the build from a push to the branch and it completes, this then triggers another build based on the commit just made from CircleCI - and as you guessed it just goes into an infinite loop of distributions.

Is there a way to tell CircleCi not to build a push (I’ve seen something about [ci skip] but that doesn’t appear in the 2.0 documentation


Yes, [skip ci] (or [ci skip]) is your solution.

Where would you expect to find that in the 2.0 Docs?

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Hi, yes I eventually got it working.

Maybe somewhere near https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/workflows/#using-contexts-and-filtering-in-your-workflows

It’s a shame this available at the filter level to just not create jobs, instead of just not running them