Is it possible to run deploy section with out the build

We have the following in “circle.yml”

      - ci

However, I would still like to perform deploy for the branch ci. Is it possible?

With the configuration you posted, the build will not run for any pushes to the ci branch.

What you could do, though, is skip the tests if the branch name is equal to ci. One of the environment variables we populate each build with is $CIRCLE_BRANCH which contains the name of the branch the build is being run for. So you could do something like this in your circle.yml:

    - if [[ $CIRCLE_BRANCH != "ci" ]] ; then <test-command> ; fi

Aha, that is a great suggestion. Thank you!

But is there a way to do this, per build — i.e. without changing the circle.yml?

Could you please elaborate on what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to try out a deployment command without changing your project’s circle.yml?

For a specific build, I’d like to skip CI while having the rest of the build & launch occur. It happens sometimes when there are many builds in the queue, and I know that the tests have already run & covered the code thus far

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Just like the available [skip ci] in the comment message that skips the entire build, a [skip tests] to only skip tests would be great.

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Thanks for the context. You might want to add a feature request for it right here: Thanks once again for your time.

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