Skip One out of Multiple Circle CI Jobs

Hi there,
How can I Skip one out of multiple Jobs, I understand there is [ci skip] but this will skip the entire jobs. I want a situation where I can only skip TEST out of Compile, TEST, and BUILD jobs.

Is this possible, if yes How?

Would need some more information on what / why you want to skip jobs, but potentially a good starting point is our Docs

We have a CircleCI config that has compile and test jobs. We want to be able to do something like [ci skip --test]. This is not something we want to do every time; we only want to do it when we need to push out a hotfix, as our test run job takes about ~15 minutes, which might be too late for the fix if we have to wait for the test to run.

Does that make sense?

So something you can try is to filter on the tags / branches being built and use filtering to identify if it’s a hotfix, etc. This would require that you have a uniform tag/branching scheme. Here are some docs and resources to get you a bit on the path:

In addition, if you’re using GitHub (GitLab actually surfaces the commit message contained in the pipeline value / params) there is a way to get the commit message and do filtering based off of that which was discussed in this topic

I agree - figuring out a workflow that allows you to skip based on certain branch / tag patterns is probably your best bet here.

You can also have the tests run but not wait for them to complete.