Circular build trigger when pushing new version setup

I use a gradle plugin to manage the versioning of my project. As a part of a release, it modifies the version file, makes a commit, creates a tag, and pushes both the new commit and the tag to the current branch. This would result in an unending cycle.

At present, it appears there is only filtering on branches and not on committer. As a workaround, in the section of the build that performs the push, I’ve checked out a new branch with a hardcoded prefix. Then, in the circle.yml file, I’ve added an ignore rule to filter branches with that prefix.

However, this feels too much like a hack. I’d like the ability to filter based upon committer so that I can filter when the build machine makes a commit to any branch.

I have a similar requirement and am going to explore using the commit message to skip the build.

Thanks for that. I’ll investigate as well.

How did you resolve this?

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