Workflow not triggered on master branch from bitbucket

This is a simplified workflow of what is currently happening. The problem is not even build-test-application is running on master, and nothing seems to be able to trigger when pushing to master on bitbucket. Am I missing something here?

  version: 2
      - build-test-application
      - deploy:
                - master
                - develop
                - /release\/.*/
                - /hotfix\/.*/
            - build-test-application

Hi @cts12,

Sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

Could you please check if the behaviour you observed lines up with the timeline of this incident?

Hi @yannCI Yes they did indeed fall between those two times. Any recommendation on running builds for the the previously non-triggered pipelies?

:wave: @cts12 ,

Are you looking to run pipelines for specific commits?

If so, you can leverage the CircleCI API v2 “Trigger a new pipeline” endpoint and specify the commit SHA in the tag key of the JSON body.

However, for this to work you would have to modify your config.yml to ensure tags are builds (even though in this case it’s not a actual tag). This is typically done by adding the filters key. In your case, it’d be:

      - job_name:
              only: /.*/

The above filter will allow any tag to be built. All branches will also still be built, as it’s the default behaviour.

You can find out more about filters in our documentation:

Let me know if this helps.