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StackShare is a neat site where developers can share what languages, databases, developer tools, and more, that they use. What’s really special is that companies (like CircleCI) can share their stacks as well giving you valuable insight into what Silicon Valley giants are using or maybe uncover what products complimentary to your own are using so that you can integrate.

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Help us out and show off your CircleCI :heart: by adding us to your Stack. Just visit and click the big blue button that says, I Use This.

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Once you add your stack, share it here on this post, we’ll follow up soon and ship out some swag to you. We love to see all the ways our users integrate us with the rest of the software world. :balloon:


Happy to help!


Here’s one for you


Gotta love some swag:


One of the many stacks where we utilize Circle CI

Swaaaaag :sunglasses:


Here you go:

#7 :slight_smile:


We’re looking good here so far. Great shares. =)

#9 :slight_smile:


We’ve had a great experience so far using circle ci with erdiko


Happy to help you out!


Here’s my stack:


Right here!


I’m so happy to have CircleCI in our stack.


Here’s my stack


MyBankTracker has had CircleCI on its Stackshare for a while now!


Here’s our stack. CircleCI is indeed an invaluable part of our stack.


Here is mine


Procore :heart: CircleCI:


Of course!