Free Account limitations

I am trying to decide if we need a paid account or not. Are the number of projects limited or just the build minutes on the free tier? How about the number of users, is that limited? Thanks for any advice!

Hey @justin.kay!

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Users on the free plan have access to Windows and Linux build VMs, and can run 1 job at a time. The build credits are limited to 2,500 per week.

The performance plan grants access to larger resources, more build credits, optimization, and autoscale features. More information can be found on our Pricing and Plans page.

If you are building an open source project, get additional benefits such as 400,000 free credits per month. You can find more information on our CI for Open Source page.

Thanks for the info!

Thank you, Scott.

Based on what I have read, 2,500 credit per week translates into 250 build minutes per week.
Is that correct?

When does this ‘weekly counter’ resets?

Thanks, Igor

Hi @grenader,

Users on the Free plan get access to the following resource classes:

  • Docker (Linux)

    • Small > 2,500 credits = 500 build minutes
    • Medium > 2,500 credits = 250 build minutes
  • Linux VM

    • Medium > 2,500 credits = 250 build minutes
  • Arm VM (Linux)

    • Medium > 2,500 credits = 250 build minutes
  • Windows VM

    • Medium > 2,500 credits = 62.5 build minutes

(The complete compute options table is available on our Pricing page.

Credits for Free and Open Source accounts refill each Sunday at 12:00AM UTC.

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