Clarification of limits for FOSS


I would like to get clarification on set limits for building FOSS project. In Pricing FAQ, there is (excerpt):

CircleCI will be offering organizations on our free plan 400,000 credits per month to use on medium Docker compute for open source repositories, but they can only be spent on Linux compute.

Does that mean that I can use the credits only for Docker (Linux) medium runner (2 vCPU, 4 GB of memory and 10 credits per minute) and nothing else? (So no VM based runners?)

(I am maintainer in Open-Source initiative with FPGA based project and the synthesis and P&R is incredible resource hog. Xilinx recommends a minimum of 32 GB of memory for the system. On the other hand, the development is not that active, so the CI/CD workflow would not need to run that often.)

Hi @cerna! My understanding is that our free plan works for:

  • docker small
  • docker medium
  • machine medium

Does that help?