Forking private repos from organization with paid plan as a member



Hi, I am currently subscribed to the paid starter ios builds plan for a company account. I have an ios project that is under the company account that I have forked to my personal account.

So when try to run the fork of the project it’s considered to be under my personal account/organization and will not build because I’m not signed up for an iOS plan. Is the only possible solution here to purchase plans for everyone who forks a private company repo?



No we have a way have the company plan cover your builds. Can you open up a ticket with the name of your org and your personal plan (as well as anyone else who needs a similar setup) and we can take care of this for you.

Please keep in mind that builds from personal forks will count against the build limits for the paid plan.



Where should I open up this ticket? Through the support request interface? I was directed to this forum when I reached out through there.


Yeah, sorry about that. If a question has to do with billing issues like this then its best handled through the regular support interface or you can email us at

Sorry for the confusion!


No worries. I’ve reached out via email. Thanks for your time!