Run build for organization during trial?




I started a trial to run builds for an organization I belong to.

I can’t transfer the plan to the organization, since I’m in charge of setting it up. I don’t have the login data of the account of the organization. So I need to do this using my github account.

Evidently the option “pay for organizations” should be suitable, but when I check the organization and click this button it fails (the button first displays “saving…” and then “failed” and nothing happens). No more messages are displayed, so I have no idea of what causes this. Maybe because I’m on trial?

I checked with the dev console and I’m getting a 403 (Forbidden) response when pressing the button.

What can I do to run builds for the organization?

Update: I asked the owner of the organization to start a trial and invite me. It’s working now. It was not possible with my account - it would be nice to have an explicit error message here.