Cannot access private repository from Free Tier

I just singed up using the free tier and would like to add a private project of an organization to circleci.

So i gave circleci permissions to the org, but i am unable to see the private project.

Is that only available with a paid subscription or did i miss something?

Should work fine as far as I know (I use the free tier, but not organisations). Are you using GitHub or BitBucket?

I am using github.

Hmm, well I don’t use GitHub with CircleCI, but it should work. I wonder if you need to refresh your screen, or whether you have selected the wrong org? I don’t know if there is enough information to go on here…

You should be able to see it from the Add Project page as long as you have admin permissions on the repo you want to add, regardless of org.

I found the problem or at least a solution. The repository had been forked from another private repository to which i do not have admin access.

I have now duplicated the repository and i am able to select the duplicated repo in circleci.

Thanks for all your help.

For the future it would be great if circleci should give a notice if it is unable to access a repository.

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