File handling support for AWS Codedeploy

I am currently working towards CircleCI to automate deployments to our staging environment whenever we create tag in Github. The staging servers already have codebase from last version. I am stuck at the part where AWS Codedeploy unzips the files at specified location.

Recently AWS announced the file handling support ( for Codedeploy to overwrite the existing files if necessary and the API has been updated to cater this as well ( see --file-exists-behavior section). I have added this option in my circle.yml file and I’ve started getting “Missing AWS CodeDeploy settings for app Magento.” in deployments section.

Want to know if this is supported by CircleCi and if yes, am I using the correct key value pair for this config option. My deployment section of circle.yml file below:

    tag: /[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)*/
            application_root: /
            region: ap-southeast-2
            file_exists_behaviour: OVERWRITE
                revision_type: S3
                    bucket: application-ci-builds
                    key_pattern: magento-{SHORT_COMMIT}
            deployment_group: Stage
            deployment_config: CodeDeployDefault.OneAtATime