AWS CodeDeploy and S3 - Different Regions



As the title suggests, I’m having a bit of difficulty due to my S3 bucket being US Standard (us-east-1) and my CodeDeploy application being us-west-2. Per the documentation, there is a field in circle.yml for region, but during my deploys it seems that Circle’s AWS integration is using that same field value for both S3 bundle archiving as well as CodeDeploy. Is there a way to declare a different region for the S3 bucket and the CodeDeploy application?


I think the best way to do this right now would be to use the awscli directly instead of setting this up via circle.yml

Adding support for multiple regions via circle.yml would be a great feature. You can make this into a feature request.


Thanks! Luckily I’m still just testing all of this and was able to ditch the old S3 bucket in favor of creating a new bucket in the corresponding region. I think Amazon itself has some restrictions regarding this, so it makes sense that CircleCI doesn’t support it. We can close this, as that’s probably the best solution for anyone else running into this same AWS “feature”


Makes sense. Gotta love those “features” :slight_smile: