AWS CodeDeploy with CircleCI 2.0?

Hi, from reading the docs about AWS Integration with CircleCI I understood that CodeDeploy, which is what we want to use for deployment, is not yet supported within CircleCI 2.0 and indeed I wasn’t able to make it work in any way. Any idea if this is a planned feature? If so it be recommended to stay with CircleCI 1.0 for now until the feature becomes available in 2.0?


I used the awscli package (downloadable through pip) to run deployment via CodeDeploy.

  1. Set aws access key and secret access key (see this discussion).
  2. aws deploy push to push the revision to s3
  3. aws deploy create-deployment to create the deployment
  4. aws deploy get-deployment every 2 seconds to poll the deployment status

Hi. Yeah, those are the general steps when you don’t want to work with their automated process, or when you can’t yet (CircleCI 2.0). The question is will the automated process (without you running anything from the console, other than things added in CircleCI config and AppSpec config files) be supported anytime soon?

We went ahead with starting with CircleCI 1.0, but we see this as a temporary solution for now.

I’ve found that makes turning the general CodeDeploy steps into useable circleci/config.yml much easier.

Just wondering, if the automated process is still unsupported in version 2.0?
I just went through the drill of creating the policies/roles but then couldn’t figure how the deployment is triggered in the end in 2.0